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	World of positive energy

	On these pages you will find briefings, thoughts 
and the path to a new way of an always healthy life. 
Click on a briefing and we redirect you to that page.

Before I start, I would like to make very clear 
that I don't represent a sect, cult, or religion.  
Nor am I a doctor or a medical practitioner. 
The things I write are personal experiences. 
I believe in my way of living, 
healing and working with energy.

My personal unique story  (Chapter 1) 

Being the master of your own body  (Chapter 02)

The reason why we live  (Chapter 03)

Life, a beautiful time  (Chapter 04)

A world of forgiveness (Chapter 05)

Brooding, the dark side of your brain  (Chapter 06)

Hills - Rocks - Sand - Dust  (Chapter 07)

Sunlight, the growing power  (Chapter 08)

Water, the essence of our body  (Chapter 09)

You cannot see it, but you can feel it  (Chapter 10)

A world together  (Chapter 11)

Considerations (part One)(Chapter 12) 

What your soul and spirit can do for your body (Chapter 13) 

God (Chapter 14)

A world of numbers  (Chapter 15)

Why we are here  (Chapter 16)

Emotion (Chapter 17)

Children (part One) (Chapter 18)	

Ball of light  (Chapter 19)

Perfection  (Chapter 20)

What happens in a drawing?  (Chapter 21)

Our food  (Chapter 22)

My second angel  (Chapter 23)

Do not fight the system!  (Chapter 24)

Experiences  (Chapter 25)

Simple  (Chapter 26)

There are no supergods on earth (Chapter 27)

It is Okay  (Chapter 28)

Seeing  (Chapter 29)

This moment  (Chapter 30)

Positivism  (Chapter 31)

Are we on our own?  (Chapter 32)

Negativism  (Chapter 33)

Light  (Chapter 34)

Totally Blind  (Chapter 35)

Stress, a disease affecting us all?  (Chapter 36)

The Soul  (Chapter 37)

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year  (Chapter 38)

The world of dieting and fitness   (Chapter 39)

CHILDREN (part Two)  (Chapter 40)

Death does not exist  (Chapter 41) 

Simple things in life  (Chapter 42)

The power of listening  (Chapter 43)

Just a human life  (Chapter 44)

The Military  (Chapter 45)

Life is what you make of it (Chapter 46) 

The Core (part One)  (Chapter 47)

Journey into my soul  (Chapter 48)

Energy  (Chapter 49)

Drugs (Chapter 50)

Limits (Chapter 51)

Symbols  (Chapter 52)

Can hard physical labor kill?  (Chapter 53)

Heaven and Hell (Chapter 54)

Is the Soul connected to the Core?  (Chapter 55)

Is Ego the other part of your soul?  (Chapter 56)

Love  (Chapter 57)

White Light  (Chapter 58) 

Realistic  (Chapter 59)

The naked truth  (Chapter 60)

One  (Chapter 61)

The deep hole  (Chapter 62)

Energy waves  (Chapter 63)

The other side  (Chapter 64)

Considerations (part Two)  (Chapter 65)

Think  (Chapter 66)

Simple things in life (part Two)  (Chapter 67)

Deep down inside me  (Chapter 68)

The Core (part Two)  (Chapter 69)

Creating your own world  (Chapter 70)

Do not change it, accept it  (Chapter 71)

Our car accident (Chapter 72)

Do it yourself  (Chapter 73)

Wordless  (Chapter 74)

A never-ending story (Chapter 75)

Hate and displeasure ( Chapter 76)

Boxes  (Chapter 77)

Is it white?  (Chapter 78)

Karma  (Chapter 79)

Ball of protection  (Chapter 80)

What you believe, is what you see  (Chapter 81)

Open book  (Chapter 82)

Life in life in life in life  (Chapter 83)

The world of war and fighting  (Chapter 84)

“Trying” and “If it is possible”  (Chapter 85)

Considerations (part Three) (Chapter 86)

The Gate  (Chapter 87)

What do you have to lose?  (Chapter 88)

It is there, it is everywhere (Chapter 89)

It is not up to you to decide to end a life  (Chapter 90)

Alone  (Chapter 91)

Frequency  (Chapter 92)

Communication  (Chapter 93)

Considerations (part Four)  (Chapter 94)

Music  (Chapter 95)

The end  (Chapter 96)

Signs  (Chapter 97)

I love you  (Chapter 98)

Religion  (Chapter 99)

Indigo  (Chapter 100)

Indigo (part Two) (Chapter 101)

The world beyond absolute zero (Chapter 102)

Similarity (Chapter 103)

Old (Chapter 104)

Ego, the dark side of a human being (Chapter 105)

Sleep, your other life (Chapter 106)

Writing (Chapter 107)

If God could talk (Chapter 108)

The world of negative energy (Chapter 109)

Paradise (Chapter 110)

Considerations (part five) (Chapter 111)

Talking with animals (Chapter 112

Above everything (BChapter 113)

Degeneration (Chapter 114)

Statement (Chapter 115)

Conclusion (Chapter 116)



"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


A special thanks for all the people who support this site.


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