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COVID-19 a selective virus

An investigation by MKK’s international medical staff has revealed something special about the COVID-19 virus.

Behavior COVID-19:
In the months that COVID-19 virus became known, it was noticed that the cases of the virus do not behave like a truly highly contagious virus. It turns out that the virus doesn’t kill everyone and that over 80% of them didn’t suffer even in case of an infection. Based on what science knows about contagious diseases, if you come into contact with an infected person or have been in the area of an infected person, this virus is transferred to another person.

No widespread infections have been recorded:
- At supermarkets, crowded with sometimes hundreds of staff and clients.
- In institutions that are still open, such as nursing homes and hospitals.
- At press conferences in crowded rooms surrounded by many staff members.

In spite of the many global lockdowns, the infection continues to occur in scattered locations and not at those human hotspots such as the locations and events mentioned above.
Why doesn’t the COVID-19 virus naturally infect people around an infected person?
By collecting as much information as possible from the many countries in crisis, a remarkable picture has emerged.
The COVID-19 virus is the first virus that selects her victims!
Touching infected people, talking (mouth fluid), being together is clearly not the basis that the virus passes. Due to the isolated cases we also see for example locally at an MCB, you don’t talk about an infection but about “activating” this virus. We also see this in many cases that have arisen out of nowhere.

By going deeper into this matter, it has become clear that the infected persons have a certain “string” in their bodies which is equal to what the virus is made of. This means that all deceased and sick persons already have this string activated. Everything indicates that this string has apparently been planted in the body via using pharmaceuticals. Once this string is planted in your body and the virus roams from person to person, a third factor is needed, namely an activation source. This is clearly found in a certain frequency.

We see this in isolated cases that arise out of nowhere, such as the case of MCB, but also in cases such as infected doctors and nursing staff.
It is clear that these victims already carry this string and the current virus makes the first “click” to become ill. That is the stage when you are an infected patient, but not yet a hopelessly ill patient. In order to achieve that, you clearly need the certain frequency to combine these two components and only then the virus will become dangerous. That’s why we talk about “frequency activation”. As long as you don’t activate the two components, there is no danger.
This research has shown that there are weaknesses in this virus.
- The virus is frequency sensitive; this frequency should be avoided or banned.
- Each frequency has a counter frequency, this should be found so that the two components cannot be activated.
- It is also possible to isolate one of the two components and thus neutralize it.

Since almost every person uses pharmaceuticals, we can conclude that most of the world’s population is susceptible to this virus. The fact that one country is fortunate, is that one country is overrun by the negative frequencies and other countries much less because they do not even have a “ frequency war “, under the guise of: “Technical progress”. We can conclude this when we see the maps of the infected areas and those countries that work with many frequencies.

This has been posted by Nargati Qinara (member MKK Curacao) in the name of John H Baselmans-Oracle.


Written 05 April



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