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John Baselmans
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The Core

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The world of positive energy

The gate to a new dimension of 
Positive energy and Endless health.


On this site you find Chapters and Books.

It is a new and interesting way how you can live in another dimension here on earth. 
A dimension of Positive Energy where everything is possible.

Mastering the positive energy gives you the power of being healthy and happy in your life
By reading these chapters you will be involved, get experiences in this 
World of Positive Energy and find the entry to a new dimension.
There are no longer limitations, no pain and no sickness.

You know there is more.

You feel it, it is there.

But you cannot explain or work with it, because you are stuck in this earth life.

It is possible to get out of that, work, see and live in 
another dimension that is there for you, for all of us.

World of positive energy

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"The world of positive energy"
This book counts 388 pages 
Positive interesting information


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"Het energieniale leven" 
Dit boek bevat 380 paginas 
Energieniale informatie


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"Dood is dood"
Dit boek bevat 142 paginas
Over de dood.


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Dit boek bevat 312 paginas
Hoe kan men zichzelf genezen


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Dit boek bevat 208 paginas
De verklaring van het leven

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My inspiration

One person CAN make a difference. 
Fear is what the system can control.
Where there is no fear there is no control! 

"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in the World of Positive Energy.


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A special thanks for all the people who support this site.


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